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New Challenge guidelines for 2013

Hi Everyone,
It’s Barbara here, and I thought I’d stop by and let you all in on the latest news from the Sparkle N Sprinkle Challenge Blog
Just in case you haven’t heard, we’ve made some changes over on the challenge blog and I thought you might like to know.
New for 2013
We’ve tweaked the challenge a bit and now you can use any image, from anywhere, although we definitely would love to continue to see our images in your artwork. It will be awesome to see your artwork and what you submit. And more exciting news!!! The challenges for 2013 will be more than just sketches. I know, the challenge for this month  is a  sketch again but I promise you that next month it won’t be. The challenge blog is expanding to include sketches, colors, anything but a card, and digi’s. Also next month I have one more announcement, (you will love it, I’m sure) but since I am not quite ready yet on that one, you’ll just have to wait. So hold on to your hats ’cause it’s gonna be a fun fun year.The prize will still be a great stamp set of your choice from the great rubber stamp company, Sparkle N Sprinkle.
Thanks for your great entries and everyone here at Sparkle N Sprinkle is looking forward to your submissions in 2013.
Join us  over at the Sparkle N Sprinkle Challenge Blog,

Designers Challenge Techniques #10

Hi! This is the tenth and final post in a series for the Aug-Sept In-House Designers Challenge for using a variety of techniques and templates. We have enjoyed sharing our experiments with you, and hope you will find the SNS Tips and Techniques section a vital resource for using not only our stamps and hand-blended mediums, but other crafting supplies as well!

Flowers, who doesn’t love them?

Designer Marie Berquist has devoted a tutorial, just for flowers!

Not just one type of flower, but several types, and showing how to shape them, color them, and glitz them up.



Marie has carefully documented several styles and techniques, so at least one is sure to complete anyone’s card or scrapbook page beautifully.

There are a variety of samples on her tutorial page, so we hope your check them all out. We’ve included close-ups of a few here, and more below.

The last technique featured in our series is Julie Zippel’s new tutorial for using Copic Markers and other Solvent Markers with embossing powders, so that the EP can retain its integrity.

Julie carefully explains the perils and joys of using embossing powders effectively with these types of markers, so that your artwork features the rich texture only EP can provide.

Take a close-up look to see the difference a little EP makes with Copic Markers, Solvent Markers and Alcohol Markers.

We love sharing all the things we’ve learned. You are invited to use our videos, tutorials, tips, templates and technique explanations found in our Tips and Techniques section.

Remember to let us know if there are other techniques you’d like to see us demonstrate here.

Presently our designers are involved with another in-house challenge for the months of October and November. Of course we’ll be sharing the results of that challenge with you, too!

Sparkly hugs from the Sparkle Team,

Designers Challenge Techniques #9

Hi, again! We are continuing our series from the Aug-Sept in-house Techniques challenge. The designers outdid themselves, and we are having fun sharing these techniques with you through the blog.

Today we begin with Stamping on Glitter technique documented by Brenda Smalle. Brenda photographed a fantastic tutorial for masking and stamping with glitter, and designer Shona Erlenborn quickly became addicted to the technique and brought it to new levels. So you’ll find a collaboration of photographs and instructions on the page.

In her first card, Shona glittered both her image panel, and her greeting panel. The result is stunning. Her card is featured on the tutorial page, and refers to the gallery for specific directions.

In her purple card, Shona has completely covered her card with glitter, carefully masking, using stamps, die cuts, border punches, and glitter! To see how she accomplished this gorgeous card, please see the tutorial.

In her final card, Shona recessed the stamped-on-glitter portion, showcasing it behind her “background”.

Thanks, Shona and Brenda, for documenting this brilliant technique, and for offering your tips in best using those tools we all have in our crafting supplies!

With more glitter tips, Shanna Shands shares her darling Sleeptime Fairy by enhancing other elements on the card with glitter. Having glitter in larger areas, as shown on Shanna’s card, can actually enhance the focal image. Shanna used the Quickie Glue Pen and 2 sizes of Tear-ific Tape to accomplish this detail in her card.

Yes, there is more to come, but we’ll need to wait for another day.

Sparkle Wishes and Hugs,

Designers Challenge Techniques #8

Hi! If you are looking for the monthly Sketch Challenge, please visit our new Challenge Blog by clicking here. We suggest bookmarking it for future challenges.

We are continuing our series from the Aug-Sept Designers in-house challenge using templates and techniques. Today’s cards feature templates you might enjoy trying.

Senior Designer Barbara Bruder enjoys paper engineering. She’s the go-to person if you need guidance in making cards with unusual folds, and always willing to help. Barbara documented the “Scenic Tri-Fold Card.”

The scenic tri-fold style presents a beautiful card when opened or closed. Barbara has documented the step-by-step details in order to create a scenic card like this. If you enjoy building scenes, or can’t decide which stamp images to use on a card, perhaps this style might be just what the doctor ordered. That way, ALL the images can be placed on the card, telling a great story!

Be sure to check out the tutorial for Barbara’s wonderfully photographed instructions!

Next up, Marie Berquist has utilized the “Fun-Fold” card in her creation. It is also known as a Center Step card. A template has been uploaded in this tutorial with several samples of incredible cards to whet your appetite for something other than traditionally-folded cards. Marie also utilized Tear-ific Tape with glitter in some of the folds in order to create interest, texture, and of course, sparkle! To see Marie’s card, and several others, and the step-by-step directions in creating these fun cards, please click here.

Karalee Ingram documented a wonderful tutorial for WaterFall cards. These are interactive cards which imaginatively make use of several stamps – images and text – to tell a story. Photos may also be used with this interactive element on Scrapbook pages. To provide a comprehensive feel for this card, we have included a collage of the card in its various stages of being opened. For more detailed photos, and complete directions with dimensions for creating a waterfall card, visit the T&T section.

We end today’s cards with Keri Brown’s sample of how the Lace Background technique can be used on a focal point, or a small layer, instead of an entire background.

Glittered Lace Backgrounds produce striking cards, scrapbook pages and textures on papier mache. Jill has created a video tutorial for this technique as well. It is a crowd pleaser at Stamp Conventions and Scrapbook Shows. Just click here for more details.

Thanks for a lovely card, Keri!

Well, we still have more to share, but that will need to be saved for another day. Until then, we hope you get to enjoy some crafting time!

Sparkly Hugs from the Sparkle Team,

Designers Challenge Techniques #7

Designer Marie Berquist documented a “Dry Wall Tape” tutorial which may be used with any of our sparkle products. She has made samples using glitter and embossing powder.

Though the technique may be found under the appropriate subheaders, we have fondly dubbed it the Glitzy Dry Wall Tape technique.

Here is a close-up of the dry wall portion:

Be sure to check the tutorial out, because Marie has done a fabulous job of explaining how to achieve these great looks.

Here is a card done with embossing powder instead of glitter:

and a close-up of the EP itself:

Next we have Designer Jackie Smith who has shown how to use multiple colors of EP and glitters to achieve spectacular color and texture on a card.

Jackie has employed three glitters and three embossing powders to create a depth and richness, only these mediums can bring about. The instructions for recreating Jackie’s card, are in her gallery here.

Our final card today is by Anne Temple, who has utilized glitter and a Quickie Glue Pen to highlight the sparkly drama in her beautifully colored card.

The Quickie Glue Pen is one of the most convenient ways of adding a little sparkle to papercrafting projects. The glitter really does remain “stuck” once the glue has dried.

The recipe for Anne’s card is in her gallery here.

Thanks for joining us today. We will continue this series from the Aug-Sept in-house challenge in a few days. See you then!

Sparkly hugs from the Sparkle Team,

Designers Challenge Techniques #6

More cards, techniques and templates to share — all from the “new and improved” SNS Tips and Techniques Section. This is #6 in our series from the Aug-Sept in-house designers challenge.

You may be wondering why we’re showing part of a card.

Designer Keri Brown takes the Marble Background Technique to new heights by using VersaMark reinker and embossing powder, so we wanted to give you a closeup before the whole card.

Keri followed the tutorial, but instead of dye reinkers, she utilized the pigment reinker so that the embossing powder would adhere to the ink when heat-set.

Multiple colors of EP may be used in this technique as well.

In the sample below, Keri mixes the two types of inks. First the dye ink is utilized in the shaving cream technique. Then the VersaMarker reinker is used. If shaving cream technique is not desirable, simply roll the marbles in the dye ink as instructed, allow to dry, and then roll the marbles in the pigment ink for the embossing powder.

Thanks to April Williams for documenting the Marble Background technique, and to Keri for taking it one step beyond.

Until the next post, Sparkly hugs!

Designers Challenge Techniques #5

We’re back with more cards from the SNS Tips and Techniques Section. These cards were made by the designers during the Aug-Sept in-house challenge involving techniques and templates.


Senior Designer Shona Erlenborn documented a fabulous technique called “Water Stamping.”

She created several samples and provided excellent step by step photos to explain the simple procedure.

It’s another fun technique where custom backgrounds and “designer papers” are made.

This card  depicts the softness of falling leaves in the background.

The Fly Away Witch is sweet! (I wouldn’t want to fly into those spider webs, though, ugh!) Glitter surrounds her creation. For more samples, please visit the “Water Stamping” tutorial. These scaled down photos don’t do the cards, justice, so we hope you will visit the tutorial page to see the actual cards, and click on the cards there for complete instructions in recreating them.

Today’s last card share is courtesy of Designer Marie Berquist. She takes us back into summer days with a fuzzy beach blanket (I can feel the sand’s warmth coming up through the blanket’s softness). To apply flocking, please visit the SNS T&T page for Flocking Basics.

We hope you’re enjoying our “techniques” cards this week. There are more to come. In the meantime, spend a little time in the “new and improved” T&T section of the SNS website.

Sparkly Hugs Always,

Designers Challenge Techniques #4

Today we are showing off more of the Sparkle Team’s cards from the Aug-Sept in-house Techniques Challenge.

New Designer Keri Brown documented a great technique using the negative part of punched or die cut cardstock with glitters, flockings, and embossing powders.

It is listed under each section in SNS Tips and Techniques:

Punched Flocking

Punched Embossing Powder

Punched Glitter

To further inspire, Keri created unique samples for each of the products. The backs of the butterflies are “colored” with a coat of flocking.

Below she shows a star-studded snowy night. The stars are punched out, and Tear-ific Tape applied to the backing.

The same technique is applied to her heart card below:

One more sample using embossing powder:

Thanks, Keri, for documenting such great ideas. There are more samples and tips for this technique on the website The tutorial may be found here.

More sparkly hugs from the Sparkle Team,

Designers Challenge Techniques #3

Hi! We’re still featuring cards from the Aug-Sept designers’ in-house challenge, using assorted techniques and templates from the “new and improved” SNS Tips and Techniques section. Today’s entries are all about that glitter look.

Barbara Bruder thoroughly enjoys creating entire panels, or smaller die cut layers with her “Glitter Paper” technique.

Actually, it is embossing powder which is employed. This technique is EASY, transforming ordinary card stock into magnificent, expensive-looking designer papers.

It works well with any theme or style. Here’s the link.


Dawn Bennett added just a touch of glamor in her two cards.

Dawn utilized a Quickie Glue Pen and a little imagination to dramatically change the appearance in two similar cards:

Both cards feature Lily the Fairy of Enchantment.

Both cards use the same color glitter.

Both are displayed on the same size card.

But the touches of glitter in different places and changes of color have created two very unique masterpieces!

Julie Zippel features Celeste, using two colors of “glitter” in her card. Actually, the Royal Purple is embossing powder containing glitter, using Barbara’s “Glitter Paper” technique. (looks great with a die cut, doesn’t it?)

Julie also used a Quickie Glue Pen and glitter to enhance the designer paper in the background of her card. The Template for her Center Step Card is found in the SNS T&T Template section. There are lots of other Center Step Card samples on that same page.  The recipe for Julie’s card is here.

Thanks for visiting us today. Still more techniques to show in the coming week.

Sparkly hugs from the Sparkle Team,

Designers Challenge Techniques #2

Continuing the Aug-Sept in-house challenge, our designers have used a variety of techniques from the “new and improved” SNS Tips and Techniques page.

Julie Zippel’s Thanksgiving card utilizes Dark Chocolate and Palm Green Flockings to create a fuzzy, feel-good texture on her creation. The Basics for Flocking and Sparkle ‘n Soft are easy and fun. Just click here to get started. Warning: like glitter, flocking is addictive. The recipe for Julie’s card is located in her gallery here.




Shona Erlenborn documented a new technique for Flockings.


She has dubbed it “Stamping and Masking with Flocking“.



This marvelous tutorial is featured in our T&T page, under the subtitle of Flocking. Just click here to check it out.

Both these cards were made using Shona’s technique, and are sure to be enjoyed by any age recipient.

Even children can easily create using this technique. Thanks, Shona!


Brigita Skopas utilized the Faux Patina technique found under embossing powders on the T&T page.

The Faux Patina technique transforms ordinary dry embossed backgrounds into uncommonly stunning backgrounds. Cards appear to have been made with expensive designer papers. This technique may be used with just about any EP – opaque or transparent – glossy or glittery.

We’ll be back in a few days with more T&T.

Stamping hugs from the Sparkle Team,