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Winners And More Winners! New Card Contest

Sparkling Bingo & Blog Hop Winners And Contest Information – Announcements!

Thank you for sharing The Sparkle Team’s untraditional cards for the special women in our lives during our recent blog hop. Your comments of encouragement and stories about the meaningful women in your lives were very much appreciated. Every comment and e-mail was read.

The two winners from the Non-Traditional Mother’s Day Blog Hop are:

Linda Hobaugh and Diane Clark-Sutton


Please e-mail your mailing address, phone number and choice of Stamp Set (please include the name and item number) to so we may prepare your prizes and mail them!

Now it’s your turn! A card contest! Just create a card for a remarkable woman in your life, and e-mail a photo of your card to

Use any medium, any style, any technique. If using stamps, please only use SNS stamps. Computer generated sayings may be used (no digi-art from other companies please). If using no stamps at all, please use one of our other fine products on your card. That’s all there is to it!

Deadline for submissions is Sunday, April 17 at midnight. Drawing for stamp set of the winner’s choice will take place on Monday, April 18, between 11AM and 3PM. For every five individuals who submit an entry, another stamp set will be added for the drawing. If 10 people submit cards, we will have 2 drawings, with each person choosing a stamp set. When the number of people reaches 15, then we’ll add a third set, and draw a third name, and so forth.

The Spring-Theme Bingo game Grand Prize was won by lucky player Debbie Wysner! Congratulations, Debbie! Our next Bingo game will be in about 6 months.

In addition to the grand prize, 24 other winners claimed prizes:

Patty Klundt (two-time winner)

Susannah Burns (two-time winner)

Gloria Probert

Carol Drumwright

Susan Lane

Janet LoBianco

Jan Hobbs

Carol Porter

Ola Jaggers

Janet Stevens

Susan Gallo

Susan L. Belanger

Margaret Tower!

Lynne Platt

Aymee Bullington

Kathy Bedizen

Elizabeth Roberts

Helen Markee

Jamie Dinnsen

Lynette Wellman

Marian Knode

Marilyn Mills

Congratulations, bingo players. It’s been a pleasure spending time with you each day.

stamping hugs,

First Day of Bingo!

Do you wanna play but did not send in a Bingo List? (see the red info below)

Monday February 21 – Happy Presidents Day

Welcome to the FIRST day of Bingo!


To those who have played before, WELCOME BACK! To our newbies, just follow the directions each day for a chance to win a weekly prize, scratch off your words as they are called, and have fun! Old Timers know that surprises are sneaked in periodically, and sometimes the challenge questions are tricky (but there is usually a strong hint if there is a trick involved).

We’re reutilizing the website as our game site, rather than the blog which was used last time. It was not as easy for players to follow on the blog in a timely manner, so that’s why we’re returning to the website. Bookmark the GAMES PAGE and check it each day. The Games Page is is located here:

Monday through Friday, words will be “called”, and will remain on the website for 72 hours, allowing 3 days for players to check their bingo lists. Once the words are removed, they’re gone, just as in real bingo games. Even though there are 3 days to obtain the words, there’s only 24 hours guaranteed that your name will be added to the basket for the weekly drawing. This is because weekly drawings take place on Saturday each week. Challenge Responses for Monday or Tuesday can be received later. But Responses for Friday have to be turned in before the drawing on Saturday. Hope that makes sense to everyone.

Monday through Friday between the hours of 11AM-3PM, daily challenges will appear on the Games Page. These challenges are usually fun 🙂 Returning the correctly answered challenge questions to me is your receipt for having your name deposited in the PRIZE BASKET. Every Saturday between the hours of 11AM-3PM, a prize-winning name is pulled from the basket. This will occur until the end of the Bingo Game. Players answering correctly will find their names on our “winners” page here:

Do you wanna play but did not send in a Bingo List? To play along with the Challenge Questions, simply follow the directions for the day to have your name deposited in the Prize Basket for a chance to win a prize on Saturdays. Ignore the part which lists the daily words.

To get started, jump on over to the Games Page.

To review the game rules and original post, please read below:

Welcome to our Spring Theme Sparkle N Sprinkle Cyber Bingo Game! We invite you to enjoy a glitterific time and, with a little luck, win some fantastic prizes! The grand prize will be awarded when someone shouts “BINGO!” Sprinkled throughout the game will be sparkly weekly prizes 😀

With a rough winter still threatening a goodly portion of our customers, a Spring Theme ought to nicely warm things up.

The gist of the game is to select 75 words from the list below. It is imperative to keep the numbers with the words, please. This now becomes your official list. Please keep one copy for yourself, and send another copy to us at with your name in the Subject Field.

Ready? Here are the rules!

First and foremost– HAVE FUN!

Beginning Monday, February 21, Monday-Friday new words words will be displayed on our website’s Game Page between 11AM – 3PM EST (Miami/New York time). The called words will remain on the site for 72 hours, affording players 3 days to view them. As your words are “called out”, simply cross them off your list. The first player with all 75 words crossed off their list wins! In case of a tie, Prize winners will be determined by the time shown on the e-mail itself.

When submitting your e-mail list of words, please place your name and Bingo List in the Subject Field of the e-mail. ie: Jane Smith’s Bingo List.

Here is an easy way to create your list:

Copy and Paste all 200 words onto a document. Delete your unwanted words until only 75 remain. (Please remember to keep the numbers with the words). Once your list is created, simply copy and paste your 75 words into the BODY of an e-mail and send it to, placing your name in the Subject Field.

To warm your muse during this freezing, winter season, mini prizes will be awarded each Saturday. Monday through Friday, daily challenges will be presented along with the “words of the day”. Those who send correctly answered responses to the daily challenges will have their names placed in a basket, allowing 5 opportunities every week to win a mini prize. Mini-Prize Winners will be announced each Saturday on the website when a name is drawn from the basket! The following week, another round of challenges will resume, until The Big Winner calls “Bingo!”

SPECIAL “DISPENSATION”: Were you unable to meet our deadline for sending in a bingo list? You may still try to win one of our weekly mini prizes by sending in the correct answers for the daily challenges.

All players should return their lists to with their names in the Subject field no later than February 19. A reply will be sent to you acknowledging receipt of your list. If you don’t receive an acknowledgement within 48 hours, it means we did not receive your list.

(Please don’t hesitate contacting us at

should you have any questions).

1 3 Peeps

2 Rose

3 Carrot Bunny

4 Berry Pudding Tinsel

5 Heaven’s Flowers

6 Eve’s Sunflower

7 Oval Nestabilities

8 Music Expresses

9 Copic Markers

10 Bird of Paradise

11 Becca with Tulips

12 3/8” Tear-ific Tape

13 Cool Shades

14 Orchid Glitter

15 Hello Spring

16 Fairy Willow

17 Blissful Blue SpNSoft

18 Nature’s Way

19 Aqua Water Flocking

20 Black-eyed Susan

21 Best Birthday Ever

22 Daffodil detail EP

23 Egg Rest

24 Deep Royal Tinsel

25 Heure de Party

26 Floral Butterfly

27 Peacock EP

28 Music Treble Clef

29 Floral Butterfly Circle

30 Soft Lilac EP

31 Big Happy Easter

32 Caution Yellow Glitter

33 Girl Bunny

34 Blueberry detail EP

35 Hope Is

36 Floral Circle

37 Guava Nectar Glitter

38 Peepin’ Chick

39 Lemon Chiffon EP

40 Brushable Glue

41 Breakin’ Out

42 Canary Flocking

43 Gizmo & Gadget

44 Mimosa SpNSoft

45 Id’ Pick You

46 Bloom Where Planted

47 Moon Rise Tinsel

48 Picked For You

49 Mauvelous Glitter

50 Blossom Circle

51 Build A flower Set

52 Meadow Spark Glitter

53 Hoppy Easter

54 Sakura Glen Pen

55 Imagination

56 Passion Fruit EP

57 Box Petls

58 Raindrops

59 Purple Spark EP

60 Friendships-Blooming

61 Bunny in a Basket

62 Petal Pink EP

63 Little Bunny

64 Pine Grove Tinsel

65 Jar Goodies

66 Flower Medallion

67 Olive Splatter EP

68 Rejoice

69 Branch of Leaves

70 Permapaque Markers

71 Butterfly Set

72 Labels Thirteen Dies

73 Peep from You

74 Cyclamen Glitter

75 Keyboard Swirl

76 Floral Heart

77 Design Adhesive

78 Script Thank You Circle

79 Brocade Background

80 Grassy Green Flocking

81 Celebrating Your Birthday

82 Forest Green detail EP

83 Happy Spring

84 3/4” Tear-ific Tape

85 Kindness Appreciated

86 Dotty Branches

87 Petal Soft SpNSoft

88 Solid Monarch

89 Brocade Flower

90 Silver Leaf Tinsel

91 Chick

92 Dots & Flower Circle

93 Polka Dot Bunny

94 Card Candy Sheers

95 Kite

96 Amethyst EP

97 Butterflies & Sunflower

98 Swirl Ducks

99 Super Thick White EP

100 Ruffled Tulips

101 Easter Accessories

102 Laser Green Glitter

103 Smell the Flowers

104 Swan Wing Tinsel

105 La Dawn

106 1/4” Tear-ific Tape

107 Crocus Oval

108 That’s Just Ducky!

109 Rapture Blue Glitter

110 Irish Spring detail EP

111 Easter Borders

112 Raspberry Soda Glitter

113 Spring Blossom

114 Irish Sparkle SpNSoft

115 La Salsa

116 Daisy

117 Dimensional Glue

118 Tiny Flower

119 Iris

120 Baby Blue EP

121 Flower TY Circle

122 Carnation Glitter

123 Spring Branch Background

124 Blog

125 Label Phrases

126 Dani Reading

127 Berry Bliss EP

128 Swirl Tulip

129 Mallow Jar

130 Golden Follies EP

131 Galoshes

132 Chantilly Glitter

133 Spring Daisies

134 Memories In Bloom

135 Large Jar

136 Green Nugget Glitter

137 Dark Tulip

138 Spring Leaves

139 Cherry Blossom Branch

140 Circles Nestabilities

141 Giggles

142 1/8” Tear-ific Tape

143 Aster-lg

144 EP Sample Chart

145 Large Jar Labels

146 WaterFall Glitter

147 Super Thick Clear EP

148 Swirl Snail

149 Chrysanthemum Medallion

150 Lacy Lilac Glitter

151 Got Carrots?

152 Sunny Daze Glitter

153 Apple Blossoms

154 Turquoise Flocking

155 Laugh-Play

156 Daisy trio

157 Card Candy Metals

158 Violin

159 Sun Dazzle SpNSoft

160 Shoe Cottage

161 Grand Piano

162 Spirited Green Glitter

163 Striped Egg

164 Silver Lightning detail EP

165 Love & Laughter

166 Daisy Rectangle

167 Fabulous Grape EP

168 All Ears

169 Tomato Red Tinsel

170 Garden Fairy

171 Happy Birthday to You 2

172 Sticker Paper

173 Anniversary Rose

174 Bargain Bin

175 Love Is Friendship

176 Super Thick Gold EP

177 Dani’s Flower Garden

178 Benjamin Bunny

179 Fascination Glitter

180 Pansies

181 Happy Bunny

182 Green Apple EP

183 Be a Rose

184 Spiked Blossoms Rectangle

185 Make Your Music

186 Mandy the Ballerina

187 Yellow Gold Tinsel

188 Swirl Water Can

189 Dani’s Swing

190 Twinkling Clouds SpNSoft

191 Have Your Cake

192 Poppies

193 Bees Buzzing

194 1/2” Tear-ific Tape

195 Mon Amis Umbrella

196 Dani’s Umbrella

197 Super Adhesive Sheets

198 Swirly Thank You

199 Galaxy Marker

200 Music Background

It's a Party!- Contest Calls – Sale Info!

We’re having a Christmas Party in our new Shoppe! Please stop by Friday, December 17 (9AM-6PM) and Saturday, December 18 (9AM-Noon) to see what goodies we have in store (literally) :-D.  The Place? The Sparkle N Sprinkle Shoppe – 2107 E. College Ave, Suite 7, Ruskin FL 33570.

Decked out in holiday attire, these party girls are dancing with delight at being the new kids on the block. It’s Brenda’s rendition of a new stamp set by artist Gail Burton.  To see directions for recreating this card, or one similar to it, please view Brenda’s gallery here.

What’s a Christmas party without Christmas cookies, munchies and free make n takes? Then, (in shoppe only) all Christmas stamps 25% off, all wood stamps in stock 25% off, and there will be more. We’ll also have goodie bags. We love our new store and hope you enjoy it, too!

For more information, please phone 1-888-901-9173.

Don’t forget about the Card of the Month Contest. With a chance to win a stamp set of your choice, you’ll want to share your talent with us. Just e-mail a jpg of your card! Deadline is Sunday, December 12. For more information, please visit our Games Page.

Are you an AOL user? Have you discovered how easy it is to leave a comment now? If you were having troubles previously, we’d love hearing from you. Just leave a comment here and see how effortless the process is now. (Many thanks to Jann for her persistence in assisting us.)

Here’s a few more things happening this month:

For more information about these stamps, please click the image.

Do you think it’s time for another bingo game? (did someone say “Bingo!”) Help! We need to come up with a theme for the next bingo game! Please leave your comments regarding a theme to help get the ball rolling!

Speaking of rolling… While we’re singing songs of mistletoe and standing under the tree, it won’t be long before the holidays have come and gone. Enjoy them while the celebrations take place, and remember that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! We’ll be showing you some Valentine ideas this month to help with children’s cards and those hard-to-plan masculine cards! So keep an eye out!

Happy Holidays,

Guess-What's-Happening-in-October? – Contest

Guess-What’s-Happening-in-October Contest!

Bingo has ended <very sad sigh> and empty days loom ahead for anyone who is a sad bingo addict .

But never fear! <smile> There’s always another Bingo Game around the corner! (You didn’t think we’d abandon you in your hour of need, did you?) 🙂

In the meantime, offering a puzzle – dangling a carrot! Be waiting for something fantastic to happen the entire month of October! Hmmmm… Is it possible for anyone to guess what it might be?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to leave a COMMENT regarding the Guess-What’s-Happening-In-October Contest. Just go to the bottom of the current day’s post. The word COMMENTS will show. Click on that. Leave your name and e-mail address (e-mail address will NOT show except to us behind the scenes) and leave a comment on our blog with what you think is happening here the entire month of October! You have through August 27 to guess. If more than one person guesses, we’ll put the names in a basket and draw the winner. Of COURSE a prize will be awarded. (we are aware some AOL users are having difficulty leaving a comment. If that happens, please e-mail comments to IF IF IF you are secretive (LOL), and don’t want anyone else to know what your guess is, you still need to leave a comment on the blog which says (I’m e-mailing my guess to you). Reminder: Deadline for this contest is Friday, August 27 with a winner being announced on Saturday, August 28.

Final Weekly Challenge Drawing from the Bingo Game!

Talk about suspense, and getting down to the wire! Each day brought new hopes for a winner. While we’re all happy for Elizabeth, the grand prize winner, waiting for the name to be called from this week’s Daily Challenge submissions is nearly as suspenseful! We promise not to leave you completely dry between Bingo Games. Please check our GAMES section frequently, or follow the blog here. There’s always the newsletters LOL!  Now… on to the winner… you know what to do… click here to go to the Winner’s Circle!

May next week contain at least one beautiful surprise for you each day.

Crafting hugs,



Congratulations to Elizabeth Robert! Elizabeth has played in all our Bingo Games to date. See? Perseverance DOES pay off!

We’d like to take a few moments to thank you all for playing. Thanks for making yourselves at home. Truly, it’s been a pleasure listening to what’s happening in your lives, and sharing in your daily thoughts, frustrations, joys, and comments (and your jokes, too!). Margaret LOVES offering contests and games because she sincerely sees all her customers as friends. It makes her day when you introduce yourselves at conventions, and (of course) give her those fabulous hugs. All of us at SNS value your many kindnesses and general support.

Stay tuned for more games and contests in the future. Please don’t hesitate sharing ideas for products you’d like to see, games you’d prefer playing, or contests in which to compete!

Now that Elizabeth has dashed everyone’s hopes… (it’s all your fault, Elizabeth! LOL) we’re still going to have our Sunday drawing. There will be more players answering today’s Challenge through tomorrow, then we’ll do a final drawing as planned on Sunday!

In the meantime, please consider joining in the September Card Contest! Have you considered trying a card contest but were too nervous about your artwork, or how to follow the directions? We’ll help! Just write and we’ll get you through it. 🙂 We promise it is relatively painless! 😉

One more thing to keep you dangling… be waiting for something fantastic to happen the entire month of October! Hmmmm… Is it possible anyone can guess what it might be? We’ll make it a contest. Guess what is happening in October, and leave a comment on our blog with your thoughts. You have until August 27 to guess. If more than one person guesses, we’ll put the names in a basket and draw the winner. Of COURSE a prize will be awarded. Now… to tell Margaret we have a new contest going LOL

Friday Hugs to all, and Congratulations to Elizabeth!


What? Still No Bingo Winner? (Day 33), and Dani's Garden Umbrella

Dani’s Garden Umbrella is one of those sweet sets portraying a leisurely feminine fantasy we often day dream about. Though Designer Joan Petty depicts Dani strolling in the coolness of blues and greens for a summer day, Dani’s activities are also perfect for mild Fall weather using Autumn colors.

Here’s a quick peek at the whole set. Wonderful sayings and accessory images!

Did you know we have two contests happening in addition to our Bingo Game?

Name Rusty’s Friends” until August 21, and “September’s Card Contest” until September 11. With over 50 COMMENTS left for our little girls’ names, we have a lot to choose from! Some beautiful cards have already been submitted for September’s Card Contest! We LOVE seeing your masterpieces!

We proceed with the “important stuff” now — BINGO! 😀

With only nine words left on the list, let’s decrease the number of words to be called again.

Today’s words are:

13. Baby Robin

24. Vintage EP

47. Fairies Need Rest

Does anyone hear a BINGO?

Several new stamps were released this Spring and Summer, and we’ve been happily overwhelmed with orders. Thank you so much! Our new stamps may be viewed on the website. Will this be the final Daily Challenge? Hmmmmm. Your Challenge today is to tell us:

1) How many new individual stamps have we brought out this Spring & Summer?


2) How many new stamp SETS have we unveiled during this time?

Please e-mail responses to with your name in the Subject Field. Responses which are complete and correct will be placed in a basket for our weekly drawing on Sunday.

(Did you miss the bingo-card submission deadline? Feel free to play in the daily challenges and become eligible to win a weekly prize. Click here for game rules).

Good Luck, Everybody!

Glitter Hugs,


Bingo – Day 32, and Detail Embossing Powders

Still no Bingo Winner! Has anyone forgotten what the grand prize looks like?

We’re drawing ever closer to a winner with only 13 words left! Oh my! What if everyone needs the same last number?  (Are you a winner? Find out here.)

In the meantime, here’s something to feast your eyes on: The Grand Prize! Two of our newest sets, new embossing essentials colors, embossing powders, glitters, fabulous mounted and unmounted stamps, awesome two-sided Tear-ific Tape (GREAT tape if we do say so ourselves 🙂 ), and lastly, some of the most popular Sparkle N Soft colors. $125 Value! With only 8% of the words left to be called, we’re bound to hear that fated “BINGO!” word soon. Good Luck, everyone! In the meantime, don’t forget about our other two contests currently in progress!

Name Rusty’s Friends” and “September’s Card Contest“. We hope you enjoy both!

Now, on to business LOL

Today’s words are:

8. Missing You

51.  Sakura Glue Pen

58. Dani’s Swing

98. Shooting Star

A little honesty between friends… Today’s Challenge DEFINITELY is a trick question, so read the question carefully. 😉

May Guest Designer Charity H pops floral detail by using Black Detail Embossing Powder in her card below. Card Instructions here.

It’s common knowledge that Sparkle N Sprinkle has many embossing powders in a wide variety of colors, textures, and special purposes. We’d love having you see how many formulas of Detail Embossing Powders SNS has custom blended. Detail Powders may be used on very detailed images, (as the name suggests) except photograph style stamps. Especially useful for dainty stamps and words, Detail Powders are ground extra-fine into tiny particles, giving a beautifully perfect line every time. Have you tried detail powders before? Jumbo containers of  gold, clear, silver, white and black detail powders have a home on my desk. But all the colors get used. If a layered technique is being used (like Cracked Glass), simply pile on the layers of Detail Powder as you would any other powder.

Here’s the tricky part. How many Detail Embossing Powder COLORS does SNS carry? Let’s include black and white in the count because they carry some sort of value and/or “density” in them. HINT: visit the link provided in the post article.

Please e-mail responses to with your name in the Subject Field. Responses which are complete and correct will be placed in a basket for our weekly drawing on Sunday.

(Did you miss the bingo-card submission deadline? Feel free to play in the daily challenges and become eligible to win a weekly prize. Click here for game rules).

Good Luck, Everybody!

Stamping Hugs,


Bingo, Day 31 – Paper Crafting with Design Elements

It’s Wednesday already! Today is starting with my groveling before you all. SOB!!! I made a typo yesterday!A major boo-boo so close to the end of the game. Thank you, Pat Hilbern, for pointing it out. Yesterday I typed:

53 Ladybug Hugs

but it should have been:

63 Ladybug Hugs.

Fifty-three had already been called out. I hope this has not caused any problems. If so, we’ll make it right. So PLEASE check your words for 63 Ladybug Hugs.

Designer Barbara Bruder has created two lovely cards in typical out-of-the-box-Barb fashion. Taking set 316 “Design Elements” in two completely different directions, each containing techniques and styles of their own, Barbara inspires us to apply images beyond their initial appearances. Do you enjoy playing with your stamps in innovative ways? If so, we’d love for you to leave a comment or e-mail a jpg of your card. Barbara’s cards each portray the identical recurring themes. Can you see them? One of the themes is CIRCLES. Our Bingo Players know that there is more to follow about Barbara’s cards, below. In the meantime:

Today’s Bingo Words are:

5.  Fab 4 – Fall Fiesta

43. Scent of a Rose

86. Acrylic Block 2×2

103.  Easy Green Glitter

Today’s Daily Challenge, of course, encompasses Barbara’s two cards. One of the recurring themes on Barbara’s cards is CIRCLES. To have your name deposited in Sunday’s drawing, what is the second recurring theme in Barbara’s cards?

Please e-mail responses to with your name in the Subject Field. Responses which are complete and correct will be placed in a basket for our weekly drawing on Sunday.

In addition to the Bingo Game, Sparkle N Sprinkle currently has two other contests happening: “Name Rusty’s Friends” and “September’s Card Contest“. We hope you enjoy both!

(Did you miss the bingo-card submission deadline? Feel free to play in the daily challenges and become eligible to win a weekly prize. Click here for game rules).

Are you a winner? Find out here.

Stamping Hugs,


August's Guest Designer – (bingo, day 30)

Allow us to introduce a special guest designer for August: Judy Rozema.

Inspirationally engaging, Judy’s featured card reveals a serene take in soothing “seven seas” colors with our new stamp set Ocean Treasures. Mmmmmm – crystal clear water, beautiful shells, peace and quiet, happy moments – it’s all captured perfectly here!

To find out how to recreate Judy’s lovely card, please visit our Gallery here. Of course our bingo players today know that their Daily Challenge will somehow revolve around Judy’s card 😀

We’ll treat you to more of Judy’s artwork later this month.

First: Today’s Bingo Words are:

46. Acrylic Art Kit – Snowflake

63. Ladybug hugs

85. Fab 4 Highlights Duo

166. Tall Mushroom

The Daily Challenge: Judy lets her imagination whisk her away to exotic dreams on the beach. Her use of nearly monochromatic colors in both the shells and the textured layers allows another color to POP her artwork. To have your name deposited TWICE in Sunday’s drawing, please tell what the one different color is on her card, AND provide the name of the embossing powder used.

Please e-mail responses to with your name in the Subject Field. Responses which are complete and correct will be placed in a basket for our weekly drawing on Sunday.

One more unexpected treat!

A Bonus Word:

34. Sand Surf Sunshine

HINT about yesterday’s Challenge. About one third of the players misread the challenge. You might way to check to see if your name is listed for yesterday’s challenge. If it’s not, maybe resubmit?

In addition to the Bingo Game, Sparkle N Sprinkle currently has two other contests happening: “Name Rusty’s Friends” and “September’s Card Contest“. We hope you enjoy both!

(Did you miss the bingo-card submission deadline? Feel free to play in the daily challenges and become eligible to win a weekly prize. Click here for game rules).

Are you a winner? Find out here.

Stamping Hugs,