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General Techniques

Photos with Glitter/Photos in Cardmaking

by Shona Erlenborn

Select your favorite photos, process them in black and white, and magically transform them!

NOTE: For best results, have the photos developed at a store, rather than printing copies at home.


glossy black and white photo

copic markers

punch or die

Tear-ific Tape

Glitters (preferably semi-transparent)

Sakura Quickie Glue Pen

Anything else needed to complete your card or project

1. With your professionally developed black-and-white photo, color select areas with copic markers to provide just a taste of color. Allow to dry.

2. Choose a border punch, corner punches, decorative dies, or even specialty trimmers, and punch as desired.

3. Using SNS ultra tacky Tear-ific Tape, unroll a part of the tape with the sticky side up and carefully lay the punched photo across it, so that the sticky tape is exposed on the picture side. Cut tape to size.

4. With a coffee filter to catch the excess, dredge the exposed sticky layer with the color(s) of glitter to match your project. Brush off excess glitter, and return to container.

5. With Quickie Glue Pen, draw “shading” in parts of the photo to detail with more glitter. Just do this a little at a time, to determine how much glitter you would like to add.


6. Finish card, and remove protective covering from the original Tear-ific Tape application. Add more Tear-ific Tape on the back of the panel as needed and adhere to card base.

You now have a very personalized and memorable photo card, with lots of glitteriness.

For more information, please see Scrapbooking with Glitter.

To recreate this card, please click here for complete directions.





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