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General Techniques

Stamping & Embossing On Labels

If you are in a stamping rut and think that all the cards you make generally look the same, stamping images and/or backgrounds on labels may help you drag yourself out of that "rut". Trying something new and being pleased with the outcome tends to lift one's spirits and tweak one's imagination to go beyond the usual. Besides, this technique is just plain fun and so simple!! The look you achieve is kind of mosaic and the fun is like making and putting together your own puzzle.

Since you use all the same materials and tools as stamping and embossing on cardstock, it is also economical. All you need beyond the usual items is a sheet of blank labels that can be purchased at Wal-Mart, K-Mart or any office supply store. They are usually white and come in many different sizes and shapes; some are called address labels and the smaller ones are often used to price items for a garage sale.

The labels come attached to semi-transparent nonstick sheets; make sure you leave them on the sheet while you stamp, emboss and color your image. Since some of the labels have a glossy sheen on top and others have a matte finish, experiment to determine which medium will work the best for coloring on your labels. Often the glossy labels do not accept colored or watercolor pencils very well. If you need to use markers, color an area and then blot it with a tissue in order to get rid of the marker lines left behind. As you will see from our examples below, you can even brayer ink over a sheet of labels in order to create a colorful background for your image(s).

After you have your image(s) colored and the inks, etc. are dry, transfer the labels, row by row starting across the top, to a sheet of cardstock; leave a narrow space on all four sides of each label. It is easier to attach them to an uncut piece of cardstock since you can line them up with the top and side edges of the already squared off cardstock. After the first horizontal row is transferred, it is easier because you can line up the image lines as you go down and then across each row. When you have all the labels attached, you can cut the cardstock to the desired size for layering on your card. Using double stick foam tape to attach it to the card will give it a dimensional appearance.

**Note: If you intend to use a decorative scissors or punch on the cardstock after you transfer the labels, plan ahead and leave enough space on the top, sides or bottom of the cardstock before you start.

Please take the time to view the Sparkle N Sprinkle designers' examples below and read their directions. If you do, I think you will definitely be enticed to try stamping and embossing on labels.

Samples (click image to see full size card and details):


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