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General Techniques

The Basics of Heat Embossing


Supplies Needed:


1.  Gently pat Static Free Pouch over the area of the cardstock you will be embossing on.  This is a very important step.  This gets rid of the static electricity that will hold stray pieces of embossing powder on the cardstock and not give you a clean image.

2.  Ink up your stamp with Versamark ink and stamp on your cardstock.  This is a sticky ink and will remain wet for a few minutes and will hold your embossing powder on the stamped image until heated.  Sprinkle on your embossing powder and cover image, tap off excess into a coffee filter for easy clean up.

3.  Use a heat gun to melt the embossing powder.  The proper way to do this is to hold the heat gun about 1 - 1 1/2 inches above your cardstock and hold it there until the embossing powder starts to change or melt, when you see it change start moving your heat gun slowly moving it across the image until it is all melted.  You can scorch your cardstock if you hold it too long in one place.

Note:  A hair dryer will not work because it blows to strong and will blow off the embossing powder.

Hints for using different types of embossing powders.

Sparkle N Srpinkle has over 200 embossing powders.  There are 4 different types of embossing powders:

Detail Embossing Powders are extra fine powders and are good for any stamp that has fine lines and a lot of detail.  They come in 26 different colors.

Opaque Embossing Powders are an all around good embossing powders for all purposes.  We have 101 colors to choose from.  Some are smooth looking and some have glitters in them.  When you are heating the glitter mixes it is sometimes hard to see when the embossing powder is melting, so watch so very subtle change.  A lot of times I notice it more in the look of the glitter than the melting.

Cosmic Embossing Powders are a beautiful shimmery embossing powders and most were made to match a Stardreams line on cardstock.  They come in both opaque and semi-transparent.   They work well with detail images and any standard image.  These types of embossing powders sometimes leaves a sheen on the cardstock, if this happens wait until the embossing powder and cardstock are completely cool, then take a Swiffer Cloth and wipe gently across the cardstock to remove the halo.  Cosmics also work great on the back of our Acrylic Art pieces.

Semi-Transparent Embossing Powders are a clear base with glitters in them.  You can use the white clear powders like Sparkle EP107 to cover an entire image to give it a sparkly look all over.  These give a real pretty sparkle to our Acrylic Art pieces.

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