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General Techniques

Fusible Web Texture Technique

Makes great backgrounds and can also be punched 


  • Black (or very dark) cardstock
  • Fusible web (found in the sewing section of craft stores) cut to match cardstock size
  • Versamark Pad Cosmic Embossing Powders (3 coordinating colors work well)
  • Tiny Spoon or a brush
  • Large brush
  • Scrap paper
  • Heat tool
  • Small box (open or just the lid)
  • Skewer or knitting needle


  • Cover the black cardstock (a quarter sheet is large enough as a beginning project) with Versamark ink.
  • Using the tiny spoon or a brush, drop small quantities of cosmic powder on the Versamark. Use several 2 or 3 colors.
  • Using a large brush swirl/scrub the powders so the metallic color in the embossing powder covers all the ink. Brush off the grains of embossing powder onto a scrap paper. Set aside and save these "left-overs" for later. If the paper isn't completely covered add a little more powder and repeat the swirling process.
  • Place the cardstock in the box lid and lay the fusible over the cardstock. Use an old knitting needle or a skewer to hold the web in place. Starting high and lowering the heat gun gradually, begin to melt the fusible web. As it starts to melt, quickly raise up the gun to control how much webbing you melt. Do this all over the webbing making small (or large) holes which will expose the metallic colors underneath.
  • Here's where the box really comes in handy. Sprinkle the "leftovers" on the cardstock and webbing, then reheat to melt the embossing powder. The powder will blow around, but the box lid will contain it. Keep the heat gun a high as possible but still be able to melt the embossing powder will also control the powder blowing around.

Some color combination suggestions:

  • Lemon Sherbet, Orange Marmalade, and Bronze Rose
  • Chartreuse, Lime Sherbet, and Galaxy Green
  • Cotton Candy, Cherry, and Burgundy
  • Ice, Artic, and Skylight
  • Plum Sherbet, Raspberry Sherbet, and Amethyst Spray
  • Pineapple, Peanut Butter, and Caramel
  • Orange Sherbet, Strawberry Sherbet, and Copper
  • Kettle Sage, Limelight, and Christmas
  • Green Country Blue, Rhapsody, and Satin Velvet

Samples (click image to see full size card and details):


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