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General Techniques

"Crackled Paint Technique" or "Faux Crackle Technique" by Barbara Bruder


Crackled Paint Technique


Supplies Needed:


Chip Board

Acrylic Paint (2 colors)

White Glue

Foam Brushes


1. Choose one craft paint color and apply this color to the chipboard surface with a foam paintbrush. Apply one layer of the acrylic paint and allow the paint to dry completely before proceeding. This will be the color that shows through the cracks after everything is dry. Chip board is heavy enough to allow the paints and glue to not totally warp the surface. Card stock is not usually thick enough to prevent warping.





2. Squirt a small amount of glue to the top of surface. Elmer’s Glue is often available at very low prices during July and August.  Use a clean foam paintbrush to apply the glue over the painted surface, making sure you cover the entire painted surface evenly with a thin layer of glue. Apply the glue in one direction, from top to bottom. (Apologies for the glare on the photo).



3. Using another clean foam paintbrush, paint the second color of acrylic paint over the glue while the glue is still wet. Apply the acrylic paint in one direction, being careful to not go over and over the area, as this will cause the cracks to be smaller. As the paint and glue dry, the surface will crackle. Allow the painted surface to dry completely before continuing with your project. A heat tool can be used to speed the drying process; however, it needs to be constantly in motion or the paint will bubble, and ruin the desired look.



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