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General Techniques

´╗┐Alcohol Ink Blog technique by April Williams

 Because Fall weather arrived here this week,  I decided to make a Fall card with this technique.  I hope you will enjoy doing this, too. It will look great with any blend of seasonal colors.

Supplies needed:

  1. 2-3 colors of alcohol inks  -- I used a green, gold and brown
  2. blending solution or 91% alcohol -- I used the alcohol
  3. white glossy card stock
  4. spritzer bottle
  5. blending tool
  6. permanent ink -- black or brown -- I used a dark brown

Apply several dots of each color of alcohol inks onto the blending tool and then spritz the 91% alcohol onto the blending tool.  Tap the blending tool all over the glossy card stock. You might need to spritz a little more alcohol on the tool as you go and also add a little more of the ink. Keep tapping until the card is covered with color.

Now take your spritzer bottle of alcohol and spritz the alcohol in the middle of the card in about a quarter size.  It may be wise to wear a mask over mouth and nose so you don't breathe in any of the alcohol droplets. Let the alcohol spread. As it spreads the alcohol pushes some of the color away from the center , bleaches out the color and makes a neat frame!

Now you can stamp an image in the frame using permanent ink.

Here is another sample making several small frames with the alcohol.

Here is another sample using other colors.

Thank you for stopping by.  Enjoy playing! Have a wonderful day!


Sparkle N Sprinkle supplies used:

  1. Swirly Oak 3278-410G
  2. Leaf Swirl 3287-410B
  3. Celestial Glitter G1031
  4. Swirly Maple Leaf 3281-410A
  5. Swirly Oak Leaf 3280-410A
  6. Second Spring 3281-410A


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