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General Techniques

How many times have you worked on a card, have it nearly completed, and the final touch of embossing powder “ruins” the card?

Here are some remedies.

1) Embossed image was not entirely covered with EP.

Use Glue Pen, VersaMarker, or other pigment marker, carefully detail the area needing more coverage, sprinkle on more EP, tap off excess and reheat, being careful not to overheat the rest of the image.

2) An “embossing buddy” was not utilized, and little flecks of EP showed up on the card after heating.

Use Glue Pen and “dot” the surrounding areas. Apply more EP, tap off excess and reheat, creating a speckled background which appears to be intentional.

Another idea is to use a tooth pick. Lay it across a VersaMark pad, then on the card, transferring a straight line of ink on the card. Continue inking toothpick and laying it on the card at random spots until area is covered. Sprinkle on EP, tap off excess and heat. If you have a steady hand, the Glue Pen will work as well.

3) Your detailed image just didn’t turn out as expected. Try restamping on a separate piece of card stock, applying EP and heating. Layer the second image on top of the unacceptable image.

4) General dissatisfaction: The image just doesn’t look as nice embossed as you had hoped, for whatever reason. Try remedy #3 without embossing. Or with a glue pen, touch up the embossing here and there and apply a little similar colored glitter.

5) Prior to embossing, if stray flecks appear, use a fine tip brush to clear away unwanted EP particles. If the flecks are discovered after embossing, use a piercing tool or craft knife to "lift" off the blemish.

6) Cosmic Powders sometimes leave a halo after being heated. After the image has dried, just use a soft cloth to wipe them away.

7) If a spot of EP has become overheated, and discolored in the process, wait until cooled, then draw on top with a glue pen, apply more EP, and quickly heat set.

8) Desperate to reuse a piece of cardstock after not stamping a clear image (before heat setting?). Wipe off the stamped image. Heat set the VersaMark. Use embossing buddy. Stamp the image again on the old card stock, and apply EP to heat as usual.

9) Rubbing with an adhesive eraser works to remove/reduce extra embossing flakes.

10) Sometimes stickers our punched out embellishments will cover the offending spot.

11) When images don't emboss perfectly, customer Jamie cuts them up and uses them in creating Serendipity Cards.

12) Customer Dena saves her defects for her grandchildren to color.

13) Try camouflaging the affected area by using chalk and/or ink. It creates interesting looks. Using different sponges depending on the style of card will take the eye off the error.

14) Heavy-handed stamper? Marian said: "restamping and covering the first mistake and sometimes I just leave it -- maybe I'm the only one who will notice the mistake.  The recipient doesn't know it's a blunder."

15) For not heating thoroughly enough, or not putting enough EP on the image, customer Kathy applies puffy markers. This reduces the possibility of burning the rest of the card.

16) Customer Janice often embellishes "boo-boos" with a feather or some other interesting item.

** We cannot leave off this important tip offered by one of our customers - Susannah: EP gets EVERYWHERE!  To rectify: Baby wipes for my hands and declaring the look a fashion statement.




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