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General Techniques


Have you ever wanted to add some bling to your project and nothing matched? 

Or you were in a hurry and couldn't wait for that dot of glue and glitter to dry? 

Or maybe your project is all finished, it's beautiful, all it needs is a glitter dot and the glue comes out too fast and now you have a blob with a tail instead of a perfect little ball?  

You can make Sparkling Velvet Glitter Dots ahead of time and keep them on hand for times like these.

Here's how....

1. Save the paper you remove from the SNS Tear-ific tape or a Super Adhesive Sheet. (Wax paper would work, too)

Using Sparkle N Sprinkle Dimensional Glue, place dots of glue on the shiny side of the paper.  


2. Generously cover the wet glue dots with Sparkle N Sprinkle velvet glitter. (Shown here Jasper Blue GM2012 and  Reflection GM2007)


3. Allow the glue to dry.  This will depend on the size of the dots of glue.  When dry, tap off excess glitter.  Remaining will be your Sparkling Glittered Dots.


4. These can easily be picked up with a tweezers and, with a small amount of glue, added to your project.

You can make your dots bigger and more dimensional by allowing your glue dots to dry without glitter.  Once dry, add more glue.  You can do this multiple times until it is the size you'd like – then add the glitter and allow it to dry one final time.

The premade Sparkling Velvet Glitter Dots can remain on the paper strip in a small plastic bag until you need them.  

But that's not all you can make.....

5. Would you like some glittered  letters or shapes?  Just follow the same steps.

Here I made some letters:  

and a star :  

I used 5 Goldenrod GM2006 on this card.

Can you see the 3 Reflection colored Dots at the top of the next card?

It was too special to take a chance making the dots right on the card.  And they match the silver bells perfectly because I used the same glitter on both.

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