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General Techniques

There are several dies available to create cute flowers, rosettes and "buttons". However, it is possible to create your own custom Rosettes and Buttons as well!

Jill enjoys using border punches and specialty punches when creating Rosettes. Here is a sample of her Rosette, and how she created it hers (to see a full size version, please click here, and then click on the photos on that page).

Start with a strip of scrap cardstock or paper that is at least 11″ long. Use a scallop punch or other decorative border punch on the edge of the strip. To make the medallion, score the strip at every scallop and fan fold the strip. Glue the ends together with strong adhesive.  Then punch out a 1″ circle and put a couple glue dots in the middle of it…here comes is the tricky part. Take the fan fold and push one end of it all towards the middle to lay it flat…then put it on the circle with glue dots…

Cover the top of the Rosette with embellishments, or create your own by punching another 1" circle piece, decorating it, and adhering it to the top.

Designer Barbara Bruder has another tape on this technique. She created the following card and a video tutorial.

To recreate Barbara's card, visit the on-line gallery here.




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