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General Techniques

Faux Metallic Shaker Box by Marie Berquist


White Cardstock

Scoring Tool

Embossing Ink

Embossing Powder


Permanent Ink

Dies and Punches

Plastic Packaging

Micro Glass Beads

Small Funnel


When making a box you first need to determine the size you want.  For the bottom of the box, you will add the size of the box to 2 times the height you want.  For the top you will take the same box size, add 1/8”, and then add 2 times the height you want the lid.

For my box I used the following:

Bottom – 3 ¾” box + (1 ¾” sides x 2) = 7 1/4” square

Top – 3 ¾” box + 1/8” = 3 7/8” + (¾” sides x 2) = 4 5/8” square

Take each piece and score it on each side using the side measurement.  I scored 1 ¾” from the edges on all four sides of the
bottom and ¾” from the edge on all four sides of the top.  Fold on the scored lines.

Cut on the score lines on two opposite sides up to the first vertical score line for both pieces.

 They should look like this.

Now for the fun technique.  You will fold in all the sides and flaps so that only the side section you are working on will show.  Use a scrap of cardstock to mask that section and add VersaMark ink.

Add embossing powder and heat set.  Repeat this step 3-4 times until you have a nice thick coating.   You will do this for every side sectionon the top and bottom pieces.  On the top piece you will want to extend the embossing at least ½” onto the top section as these edges will show around the shaker window.

Working quickly, add ink to the feather image, heat one area at a time until the embossing becomes molten, and stamp into the molten EP firmly.  Allow it to cool before removing the stamp gently.  Repeat this, stamping feathers on all the sides of both the top and bottom pieces.

Add adhesive to the four corners of each piece and tape them to the inside to assemble the box.  (Note that I sponged a little ink on the side flaps on the inside of the box to make the inside look a little nicer). You can add a punched border strip around the edges of the top, if you desire.

Now it is time to work on the “shaker window” for the top of the box.  You can actually purchase shaker pouches but I have found that many of the products we buy come enclosed in dimensional plastic packaging that works great.  That is what I used.

Using square dies, cut a window from a piece of cardstock slightly larger than the raised section of the plastic packaging.  Use the next larger size square die to cut this into a frame and add a thick layer of embossing powder, using the same technique as the box.  Adhere around the plastic packaging.

Punch around a 3 ¾” square of white cardstock and stamp with the image or sentiment you want in the window.  Add this to the top of your box.

Run "Tear-ific" tape around all four sides of the framed plastic “window”, making sure all edges and corners are covered so no glass beads can leak out.  Remove the protective layer on three sides and adhere to the top of the box.  Tuck the end of the funnel under the open side and pour in the beads.  Remove the funnel and the remaining protective layer and
press the edge down firmly to the box top.

This little box can be used as a decorative piece or as a great gift box. 


Sparkle N Sprinkle supplies use”

1.  Stamp Set 496 - Bird Song [EP266]

2.  Antiquities Embossing Powder [EP319]

3.  VersaMark Pad 99702

4.  Static Free (anti-static pouch)  [99512]

5.  Spellbinders - Classic Square Small [SB110]

6.  1/8" Double Sided "Tear-ific" Tape [SAT02]

7.  1/4" Double Sided "Tear-ific" Tape [SAT01]





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