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Brigita Skopas - Georgia

Brigita Skopas - Georgia
Upload Date : Mon 07 Jan 2013 05:53:11 PM CST
Stamp Credits : Happy Heart 00-453P5-C
Other Supplies : Reflection Velvet Glitter GM2007
Cherry Embossing Powder EP228
Black Detail Embossing Powder EP171
Fire Engine Red Glitter G1007
Versamark Pad 99702
Tear-iffic Tape SAT01
Super Adhesive sheets SAS02
Heart Punch (2)
Black Ribbon
Pop Dots
Valentine cardstock
Red, Black, White Cardstock
Instructions : 1. For the base of card, cut a 5 1/2" X 12 piece of black CS.
2. See Shutter Card directions in the SNS Tips and Techniques section to score and cut the base of card. Except, do not score at 6 mark. Or, just follow along with the card on SNS site. There is just a slight difference, but look is the same.
3. For main center of card, cut Super Adhesive sheet approximately 2 1/2" X slightly less than 4. Remove protective layer and sprinkle Reflection velvet glitter all over and burnish in with fingers.
4. Cut red CS 1/8 smaller than super adhesive sheet. White CS cut at 1/16 smaller.
5. Stamp Happy Heart Day with Versamark in center of white CS and emboss with Cherry EP.
6. Adhere stamped image to red CS and to Reflection glitter sheet. Adhere to front center of card.
7. Trim two different pieces of pattern paper for inside center of card and far right side of card. Adhere to card.
8. Stamp square sentiments onto white CS with Versamark. Emboss with cherry and black detail EP. Trim to approximately 1 1/4" X 1 1/4. Cut two pieces of black CS and one piece of red CS 1/16 bigger and adhere embossed pieces to black and red CS. Adhere to right section of card, placing red background in center.
9. Punch a heart from Super Adhesive sheet. Remove protective layer and sprinkle with Fire Engine Red glitter. Punch another heart from white CS. Adhere so white CS is slightly offset to the right from glitter heart. Adhere to right, center of card with pop dots.
10. For remaining sections of card, cut red CS approximately 1/16 smaller than each section. Cut pattern paper 1/16 smaller than red CS.
11. For bottom center strip, adhere black ribbon and bow. Adhere to base of card.
12. Adhere remaining strips to each section.
13. Punch five small hearts from super adhesive sheets. Remove protective layer and sprinkle fire engine red glitter onto three hearts. Sprinkle reflection velvet glitter on remaining two hearts. Add three hearts, with pop dots, to top center section. Add two hearts to bottom center section with pop dots.

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