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Christy Gorrow - Florida

Christy Gorrow - Florida
Upload Date : Mon 30 Oct 2006 01:37:36 PM CST
Stamp Credits : Maple Leaf-sm. 0316-188A
Happy Fall Y’all 1280-227A
Wishing You a Little Bit 277-138E
Happy Thanksgiving 1285-228AA
Other Supplies : Cardstock, Rust 8.5” x 5.5”
Scrapbook Paper, Fall Leaf pattern 4.25” x 5.5” (Co-ordinate the CS and vellum to go with the leaf paper colors)
Vellum, Ivory, beige, or yellow 8.5” x 5.5”
Versamark Ink Pad 99702
Detail Gold Embossing Powder EP168
Anti Static Bag---really helpful to avoid “fly specks” from embossing
Small brush--also helps remove stray bits of embossing powder before heating
Heat Tool
Fine scissors--I use manicure scissors for detail work
Sticky notes, lightweight paper and removable tape-- or whatever you prefer for masking
Any dark colored ink
SnS Dimensional Glue 99539
Instructions : 1. Before starting on the card, stamp 3 leaves with the dark colored ink on your sticky note paper. Remember to stamp the images on the note paper so there is adhesive under the image--or use regular paper and put a small piece of repositionable tape on the back.
2. Trim the excess from around the leaves as follows: First one--just trim around the right third of the leaf. Second one--just trim the very outside edges of both sides--don’t bother with the top and bottom. Third one--just trim around the left third of the leaf. Set these aside and clean your stamp.
3. Switch to Versamark ink. Dust the area to be stamped with the Anti-Static powder. On the bottom edge (the 5.5” edge) of the CS, stamp one leaf image at the left and a second at the right edge. Try to get the edge of the leaf to touch the side of the CS. Also stamp a third leaf image in the center. Try to have the bottom point of the leaf touch the bottom edge of the CS.
4. Brush off any stray bits of EP and then emboss all three leaves with Gold Detail. Allow to cool.
5. Place your lightweight paper leaves over the embossed leaves. First one goes on the left leaf. Second one goes on the middle leaf. Third one goes on the right leaf.
6. Again, dust the area to be stamped with the Anti-static powder. Now with Versamark stamp a 4th and 5th leaf image in between the 3 existing leaves. right over the lightweight paper.
7. Remove the lightweight paper leaves (but save them), apply the Gold Detail EP, brush off any stray bits of EP and then emboss.
8. Repeat this process and emboss 5 leaves at the 5.5” edge of the scrapbook paper and the vellum.
9. Fold the rust cardstock piece in half, to create a standard size card. Stamp and emboss sentiment on the inside. This card has “Wishing You a” from 277-138D on the top line and “Happy Thanksgiving” 1285-228AA on the second line.
10. Trim the bottom edges of all the leaves on all 3 sheets of paper.
11. Lay the patterned paper on the cardstock and slide it up approximately .5”. If you’re happy with how much rust CS shows, cut .5” off the top to the leaf paper. Feel free to adjust how much of each layer shows, just cut off the excess that will be at the top of the leaf patterned paper.---Glue or tape the leaf paper to the rust CS just at the top edge, leaving the leave edge free.
12. Lay the vellum over the patterned paper and slide it up about the same distance you chose in step 11. With a pencil lightly mark on the back side of the vellum where the top of the card will be…..later this will be where you fold the vellum to make your card.
13. Do the anti-static thing, stamp, brush off stray bits, and emboss Happy Fall Y’all on the vellum, centering it between the embossed leaves and the mark where it will be folded.
14. Fold the vellum at the pencil line you made back in step 12. Trim off the excess vellum that is longer than the cardstock in the back.
15. Carefully, place a VERY thin line of SnS Dimensional Glue on the top fold of the cardstock and place the vellum over the CS. Hold in place for a few seconds. You want just enough glue to hold the vellum in place but not show through.

Note: This technique with the leaves but with different papers can also be a stunning wedding or even a sympathy card.

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