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Patti White - S. Carolina

Patti White - S. Carolina
Upload Date : Tue 02 Dec 2008 02:29:01 PM CST
Stamp Credits : Thanks 1681-330AA
Other Supplies : Pineapple Brass Stencil
Sunny Daze G1038
Meadow Spark G1014
Sparkling Snow G1003
Fantasy Gold G1001
Black ink
Cardstock & Paper
Sticker Paper #99558
Dark Green
Anti-static bag #99512 (or wax paper)
Tiny Spoon #99751
Instructions : 1. Cut sticker paper slightly larger than stencil.
2. Pounce the anti static bag lightly over the back of the stencil (or rub with wax paper).
3. Peel the backing off the sticker paper and place the brass stencil in the center.
4. Using the tiny spoon, place the Fantasy Gold glitter around the outside edge of the stencil, fully covering it.
5. With the tiny spoon, then cover the pineapple top with the Meadow Spark glitter and then the pineapple bottom with the Sunny Daze glitter.
6. Be sure to brush off any loose glitter. Gently peel the sticker paper off the stencil.
7. Cover the remainder of the sticker paper with Sparkling Snow glitter.
NOTE: See the Tips & Techniques section of the website for full details on this technique.
8. Attach the pineapple piece to a slightly larger green CS piece and then to the card base.
9. Using black ink, stamp the phrase to the bottom right side.

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