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Susan Soyka - Virginia

Susan Soyka - Virginia
Upload Date : Thu 15 May 2008 10:14:54 AM CDT
Stamp Credits : Vacation 1518-308AA
Other Supplies : Brass Stencil - Beach Scene
Sticker Paper #99558
Waterfall G1071
Meadow Spark G1014
Gold Dust G1049
Fascination G1030
Evening Glow G1086
Champagne G1045
Rapture Blue G1078
Waxed paper or anti-static bag #99512
Blue mirror cardstock #99502a
Light blue cardstock
White cardstock
Blue dye ink
Fiskar template and cutter for waves
Instructions : 1. Rub waxed paper or the anti-static bag over the back of the stencil. This will help the sticker paper come off the stencil later.
2. Cut the sticker paper so that it leaves approx. 1/4" border around the template.
3. Remove the backing from the sticker paper and place the stencil in the center.
4. Color in with glitter! Start with the border and work towards the insdie.
5. When you have filled in all the open spaces of the stencil with glitter, you will remove the sticker paper from the stencil....DO NOT pull the stencil off the sticker will bend...pull the sticker paper off the stencil carefully.
6. Cover the remaining sticker paper with Waterfall glitter.
7. Attach to slightly larger blue mirror cs piece.
8. Cut waves on the light blue cs piece and put white cs behind it.
9. Attach the glitter image.
10. Stamp Vacation on white CS with blue ink and attach to slightly larger piece of blue mirror cs.
11. Attach phrase piece to main card as shown.

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