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Christie Gorrow - Florida

Christie Gorrow - Florida
Upload Date : Sun 10 Sep 2006 12:44:05 PM CDT
Other Supplies : Glitter:
Sunny Daze G1038
Orange Surprise G1010
Black Ice G1020
Black Mirror CS #99502 (5 1/8" x 3 7/8")
Rust CS (5.5" x 8.5") fold in half for
card base
Halloween Novelty Lace with Bats #99808*
Sticker paper 1/4th sheet #99558
Instructions : NOTE: Lace is generally purchased in random lots of 4 pieces. If you're interested specifically in the bat lace, please put a note in the comment section at the end of your order.
1. Follow the general directions for Lace Background Technique found on the Website under Tips & Techniques. Don't forget to brayer, brayer, brayer!!!
2. Specifics for this card....
3. After adhering the lace, apply a small amount of Sunny Daze glitter where you want the moon. Spread in a circle with your finger. (Less is better - if you have a lot of glitter left over, you can distort the moon shape when you turn the sticker paper over to tap off the excess).
4. Next...fill all the remaining background area with Orange Surprise glitter.
5. Brayer well over the back of the sticker paper.
6. Remove the lace and cover the entire paper with Black Ice glitter. Rub in and then brayer the back once again.
7. Trim this paper to 3 1/2" x 4 3/4" and layer onto the Black Mirror CS.
8. Layer the Black Mirror CS onto the Rsut card base.

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