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Jill Jacobsen, Florida

Jill Jacobsen, Florida
Upload Date : Tue 21 Sep 2010 08:53:46 AM CDT
Stamp Credits : Friendship 3091-391B
Other Supplies : Bronze Splendor G1012
Autumn Medley G1013
Sunset G1040
Parisian Mist G1037
Meadow Spark G1014
Interference Green G1099
Bullfrog Embossing Powder EP404
Sticker Paper 99558
Sprinkle Spoons 99751
Ribbon & Button
Static Free Bag 99512
Chubby Brush 99509
Cardstock: Yellow & Green
Instructions : 1. Cut yellow cardstock to 7 x 10 1/2 and fold in half for card base.
2. Pounce Static Free bag on stencil and place on piece of Sticker Paper cut slightly larger than stencil. Using a Sprinkle Spoon and Bronze Splendor glitter, gently tapping the glitter in just the center of the sunflowers. Then leaving the Bronze Splendor where it is adding to it Autumn Medley Glitter around the center, then finish off the flower with Sunset Glitter. Then gently and carefully use finger and press all the glitter in filling gaps. Then leaving the glitter on the stencil move on to the leaves, first put down some Parisian Mist, then Meadow Spark and gently use finger to press that glitter in. Then when you are done, dump off the glitter and use a Chubby Brush to brush all the excess off.
3. Take the Sticker Paper off the stencil (Not the Stencil off the Sticker Paper, you can bend the stencil if you take the stencil off the paper). After you remove the paper cover the entire piece with Interference Green glitter, then just trim and mount on a piece of dark green cardstock.
4. Emboss sentiment with Bullfrog Embossing Powder.
5. Assemble card as shown.

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