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Barbara Bruder - Kentucky

Barbara Bruder - Kentucky
Upload Date : Thu 26 Aug 2010 01:14:50 PM CDT
Stamp Credits : Slim (Tall Snowman) 3051-385C
Starry Believe 3045-385C
or all on Stamp Set 385
Other Supplies : Sticker Paper 99558
Sakura Glue Pen - 99202
Tear-ific Tape SAT01
StazOn Black Ink Pad 99704
Bridal Glitter G1029
Sparkling Snow Glitter G1003
Blue Dye Ink
Blue Marker
Orange Marker
Gray Marker
Brown Marker
White CS
Blue CS
Instructions : 1. Cut blue CS to shipping tag size, (5X 2 ), punch hole in center of top and trim top corners.
2. Cut 2 pieces of sticker paper 1 X 2
3. Remove backing from 1st piece of sticker paper and cover sticky side with Sparkling Snow Glitter.Tear the piece in half down the 1 side so you will wind up with 2 pieces appox. X 2 .
4 On back side (not glittered side) of sticky paper, apply tape to the bottom edge of paper(on straight edge not torn edge) and line up with bottom edge of tag and adhere. Attach tape to bottom edge to the 2nd torn piece of sticky paper. Attach by 2nd piece by pulling the unattached part from the 1st attached piece away from tag and slide and attach this next piece right under the unattached part of sticky paper.
5. Take the 2nd piece of sticky paper cover with Bridal Glitter and tear in half just like in step 3.
6. Take the 1st torn piece of this glittered piece and position in back of glittered piece #2 already adhered to tag. Adhere the last piece in the same manner as the others.
7. Stamp Slim (Tall Snowman) with Black StazOn on White CS. Trim snowman and color scarf with Blue & Orange markers, twig arms with Brown marker and hat with Gray marker.
8. Attach snowman with Tear-ific Tape. Nestle down between the 2nd and 3rd piece of sticker paper.
9. Stamp Starry Believe on side of tag with Blue Ink.
10. Apply glue with glue pen to stars in stamped word area and draw additional stars onto the rest of tag to carry on the star pattern, Cover the glue with Sparkling Snow Glitter.

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