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Julie Zippel - Pennsylvania

Julie Zippel - Pennsylvania
Upload Date : Sat 20 Oct 2012 02:04:06 PM CDT
Stamp Credits : Snow Leopard 3658-466K
Other Supplies : Black Detail Embossing Powder EP171
Versamark Ink Pad 99702
Static free bag 99512 (for embossing)
Tearific Tape any size SAT01-05
Deep Black Color Coordinates Cardstock 98123
Redliner Tape (Super sticky)
Burlap Fabric
Household Bleach
Adhesive Square Metal Accents
Cardstock: Black, Kraft
Instructions : 1. Stamp the Snow Leopard onto a piece of Deep Black cardstock (cs) using Versamark ink and embossing with Black Detail embossing powder.
2. Using regular household bleach and a paintbrush (or a water brush filled with bleach), color in the image with the bleach. Let dry completely. Tips: Try to give the image an even covering of bleach. Also, be careful around the edges of the image as the bleach will bleed outside the embossed edge if you go too close or have too much bleach on the brush.
3. Repeat step 2 two or three more times to lighten the image to the desired shade. Be sure to let the image dry between each coat of bleach because the image will get lighter as it dries and the image is more likely to bleed if an additional coat is put on while the paper is still wet.
4. Trim the image to 4” square and then trim a piece of burlap a bit larger than the image. Pull threads from the edges of the burlap to create a frayed look to frame the image.
5. Use redliner tape to attach the image to the burlap. Press firmly to be sure the burlap attaches well.
6. Cut a piece of Deep Black cs 5 7/8” square and attach to a 6” square Kraft cs card base using Tearific Tape.
7. Mount the burlap framed image onto the card base using redliner tape – press firmly to assure a good bond.
8. Add square metal accents in the space at the four corners of the burlap as shown.
**This design also makes a wonderful Home Décor piece – see additional picture & modified directions in the Art Gallery

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