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Barbara Bruder - Kentucky

Barbara Bruder - Kentucky
Upload Date : Fri 11 Feb 2011 03:27:50 PM CST
Stamp Credits : Stamp Set 167
Other Supplies : Ocean Surge Glitter G1043
Bronze Splendor G1012
Tear-ific Tape SAT01
Brushable Glue 540
Glue Brush 99532
Copic Markers COPICA1
Other products:
White CS
Blue CS
Black Dye Ink (India Ink Black)
Arborvitae (greenery)
Dimensional Foam
Plastic netting sacks that onions come in. Use a color that goes with your card colors.
Instructions : Instructions:
**All paper and any ribbon used is adhered with tear-ific tape unless otherwise specified
1. Cut Blue CS to A-2 sized card.
2. Stamp the seahorse and the scallop onto white CS using black dye ink. Trim each image out and color with Copic markers. Set aside
3. Pick out 3 or 4 sprigs of the greenery that will look good as seaweed. Using brushable glue, brush the glue onto the greenery.( If you miss spots you will pick them up with the 2nd coating.) Sprinkle with Bronze glitter. Go back and recoat the areas that were missed on the first glitter coating. This time sprinkle with Ocean Surge Glitter Set aside to let these dry
4. Cut a strip of the netting about 2 X 5. Gather it at the bottom and use tear-ific tape to hold the gathers together. Next, adhere it to the bottom of card front. Apply more tape if necessary.
5. Apply dimensional foam to back of the scallop shell and adhere over the netting, hiding the center area where the netting is gathered and adhered to the card. Using the glue brush, swipe glue brush, loaded with glue, over areas of the netting and then sprinkle with glitters. Let this dry.
6. After the seaweed is dry, attach it to the card. I used tear-ific tape. If any tape is exposed cover with glitter.
7. Attach dimensional foam to the back of the Seahorse and adhere to the card.
8. Add pearls to the card using brushable glue. I sort of globbed the glue on and added the pearls. After the pearls were set and the glue was drying, I sprinkled glitter to those areas as well.

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