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Mary Munkel - Missouri

Mary Munkel - Missouri
Upload Date : Wed 27 May 2009 04:26:13 PM CDT
Stamp Credits : WILD RIDE #1981-368C
SIDECAR #1338-284G
CRUISIN’ #1360-284AA
RIDE-WIND #1358-284AA
Other Supplies : Bronze Splendor glitter G1012
Cardstock: medium gold, dark brown & tan
Sakura Quickie glue pen #99202
Staz-On black inkpad #99704
Permanent broad tip brown marker
Prisma colored pencils
Mona Lisa odorless paint thinner-Michael’s
Blending stumps
Yellow & green inkpads- pigment or dye
Stipple brush
Sheet of typing paper
Post-It notes
Index cards
Fluffy paintbrush
Double stick adhesive Scotch tape
Double stick foam adhesive tape
Instructions : 1. Make a vertical card 6 ½”x 5” from medium gold cardstock. Cut a dark brown cardstock piece a little smaller to layer on top of the front of the card. Attach these two together with double stick adhesive tape. Set aside.
2. Cut a piece of tan cardstock to about 4 & 9/16” long and 5 ¾” wide for the top layer.
3. Stamp WILD RIDE on the right side of the tan piece with Staz-On black ink as shown. Stamp SIDECAR, CRUSIN’, RIDE-WIND, MUSTANG SALLY and YOU’RE CAR-ISMATIC with Staz-On ink in the order stated and as shown. **Make sure you leave room for the lines to be drawn.
4. Draw the lines with a pencil as shown; make them dark enough to be able to see them through a piece of typing paper. Line up one side of the typing paper with the left line around WILD RIDE. Use a ruler to draw the other two lines (top & bottom) around WILD RIDE. Cut out the shape.
5. Using this shape, make a tan cardstock shape just like it. Stamp WILD RIDE on it with Staz-On black ink. **Make sure you stamp it on the side that will be right side up.
6. Color the separate image with Prisma colored pencils and blend using the odorless paint thinner and stumps. **Use a black ink pen to draw in the edge of the window and/or the side of the car as shown. Set aside.
7. Using a brown broad tip permanent marker and a ruler, draw brown lines over the pencil lines, including the lines around WILD RIDE. Also draw lines on the three inside edges of the separate image piece. **Don’t draw lines on the outer edges.
8. Line up two Post-It notes on the lines enclosing CRUISIN’. Use the stipple brush to apply yellow ink to the CRUSIN’ block. **Apply the ink heavier on all four edges, but lighter as you go toward the middle of the block. Do the same thing with the other two blocks with sayings.
9. Do the same thing with the two vehicle images using green ink. Make sure all of the ink is dry before continuing.
**In some cases a combination of Post-It notes and index cards work better.
10. Starting at the top, apply glue to one brown line at a time with the Sakura glue pen and sprinkle Bronze Splendor glitter over the glue. Tap off the excess glitter. Do the same thing on the three lines of the separate image. **To straighten your glitter lines, use the edge of an index card before the glue dries. Set aside to dry.
11. When thoroughly dry, brush off the excess glitter with a fluffy brush.
12. Apply double adhesive foam tape to the back of the WILD RIDE image and position it over the same uncolored image on the tan cardstock. **Make sure all the edges of the colored image match up with the lines and side of the cardstock.
13. Attach the whole piece to the front of the card with double stick adhesive Scotch tape.

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