Mudd Puddles

Mudd Puddles Is a new concept to scrapbooking and card making. Adding texture and color to your scrapbooks and cards. It is as easy as frosting a cake. Just add the color and texture you want by using a frosting knife, artist brush or use one of the squeeze bottles. It will dry to the touch in about 1 hour and totally dry overnight. It's flexible after it dries and will not crumble or fall off your project. It's Scrapbook Safe. Grab a frosting knife and just have fun!

Get a good deal on a new product at a great Price! And it's made right here in the Good Ole USA!

Mudd Puddles - Aqua Marine Mudd Puddles - Aqua Marine $5.99 Buy Now
Mudd Puddles - Beach Girl Mudd Puddles - Beach Girl $4.99 Buy Now
Mudd Puddles - Blizzard Beach Mudd Puddles - Blizzard Beach $5.99 Buy Now
Mudd Puddles - Golf Mudd Puddles - Golf $4.99 Buy Now
Mudd Puddles - Ice Sea Glass Mudd Puddles - Ice Sea Glass $5.99 Buy Now
Mudd Puddles - Surf Beach Glass Mudd Puddles - Surf Beach Glass $5.99 Buy Now

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