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2014 Sparkle N Sprinkle Cyber Bingo Game!


With the Winter Woes upon so many, let’s break up the day with a little glitterific fun and, with some luck, win fantastic prizes!
The grand prize (a $150.00 gift card to the SNS on-line Store) will be awarded when someone shouts “BINGO!”

Sprinkled throughout the game will be sparkly weekly prizes. Even if you did not make up an official bingo card, you may still play in the weekly challenges and be eligible to win a prize (details below).

The gist of the game is to select 75 words from the list below. It is imperative to keep the numbers with the words, please. This now becomes your official list. Please keep one copy for yourself, and send another copy IN THE BODY OF YOUR E-MAIL to us at   with your name in the Subject Field.

Subject:  Mary Smith – Bingo List

Ready? Here are the rules!

GRAND PRIZE: Beginning January 20, Monday through Friday, new words will be displayed on our website’s Game Page between 11AM – 3PM EST (Miami/New York time). The called words will remain on the site for 72 hours, affording players 3 days to view them. As your words are “called out”, simply cross them off your list. The first player with all 75 words crossed off their list wins by emailing Donna (aka “de”) with the word “BINGO!” (to be fair to all players, we will double the list, because mistakes can happen sometimes). In case of a tie, Prize Winners will be determined by the time shown on the e-mail itself. Weekly winners will be announced on the Games Winner Page.

When submitting your e-mail list of words to,

please place your name and Bingo List in the Subject Field of the e-mail.

Subject:  Mary Smith – Bingo List.

Here is an easy way to create your list:

Copy and Paste all 200 words onto a word processing document. Delete your unwanted words until only 75 remain.

(Please remember to keep the numbers with the words).

Once your list is created, simply copy and paste your 75 words into the BODY of an e-mail (no attachments please) and send it to

placing your name in the Subject Field

SUBJECT:  Mary Smith – Bingo List.

WEEKLY: To warm your muse during this freezing, winter season, mini prizes will be awarded each Saturday. Monday through Friday, daily challenges will be presented along with the “words of the day”. Those who e-mail correctly answered responses to the daily challenges will have their names placed in, allowing 5 opportunities every week to win a mini prize. Mini-Prize Winners will be announced each Saturday on the website and facebook. Winners will be chosen by The following week, another round of challenges will resume, until The Big Winner calls “Bingo!”

NO BINGO CARD? Were you unable to meet our deadline for sending in a bingo list? You may still try to win a weekly mini prizes by sending in the correct answers for the daily challenges. So everyone has a chance to win something – even those who did not make a bingo card. But only accepted Bingo Cards will be eligible for the Grand Prize.

The Grand Prize consists of $150.00 gift card to the on-line Store. Winner may choose from SNS:

Rubber Stamps

Digital Stamps

Embossing Powders



Sparkle N Soft

Brushable Glue

Dimensional Glue

Ornament Glue

Sticker Paper

All players must return their lists to, placing your name in the Subject Field:

SUBJECT:  “Mary Smith – Bingo List”

no later than January 17, 2014. A reply will be sent to you acknowledging receipt of your list. If you don’t receive an acknowledgement within 48 hours, it means we did not receive your list.

(Please don’t hesitate contacting us at should you have any questions).

Bingo Words to Choose From

Please keep the associated number with the word.

1   Sparkle N Soft

2   Spunky

3   Butterflies

4   Happily Ever After

5   Purple

6   Glitter

7   Cadillac

8  Thanksgiving

9   Winter Wonderland

10  Mimosa

11  Rocco

12  Seahorse

13  Geraniums

14  Baby Feet

15  Glorious

16  St. Patrick’s

17  Frogs

18  Smile

19  Seashore

20  Petal Soft

21  Digital Stamps

22  Angel

23  Blue

24  Jewelry

25  Semi-Transparent

26  Wings

27  Heart

28  Buick Model C

29  Snowman

30  Irish Sparkle

31  Cutting Edge cut files

32  Mudd Puddles

33  Congratulations

34  Sweetness

35  Green

36  Opaque

37  Wonder

38  Christmas

39  Website

40  Twinkling Clouds

41  Chipboard

42  Cardstock

43  Dress Up

44  Bunnies

45  Red

46  Animals

47 Pumpkins

48 Hummingbird

49  Singing

50  Flocking

51  Kits

52  Tickets

53  Cinderella

54  Fairies

55  Brown

56 Country

57 Strawberries

58 Cupcake

59  Crocus

60  Amber Wheat

61  Pocket Full of Papers

62  YouTube

63  Paw Prints

64 Orange

65 Patriotic

66 Ocean Treasures

67  Apples

68  Birthday

69  Faux Patina

70  Canary

71  Tombow Markers

72  Gallery

73  Hog Heaven

74  Wee One

75 Lavender

76 Flowers

77 Cornucopia

78 Sand Castle

79 Christmas Tree

80  Turquoise

81  Micron Pen

82  Calendar

83  Raining

84  Ice Cream

85  Turquoise

86  Asian

87 Chirpy Hello

88  Aster

89  Molten Pearls

90  Marbled Embossing Powder

91  Distress Ink

92  Tips & Techniques

93  Moonshine

94 Design Team

95 Search

96 Children

97 Zen Doodle

98 Poinsettia

99  Good Witch

100 Bahama Mama

101 Memento Ink

102 Coupons

103 Cappuccino

104 Fantasy

105 Sympathy

106  Pink

107 Velvet Glitter

108 Forever

109 Cayenne Star

110  Mojito

111  Ink Refills

112  Shows and Conventions

113 Loving

114 Chevy Royal Roadster

115 Christmas

116 Incredible

117 Sunshine

118 Sunflower

119 Scissors

120 Mesmerized

121 Bling

122 Angel Policy

123 Concord

124 Laughter

125 Spanish

126 Enjoyable

127 Sangria

128 Friendship

129 Fun

130 Turnip

131 Embossing Folder

132 Rubber Stamp

133 Tulips

134 Craft Room

135 Delightful

136 Jewish

137 Sparkle

138 Thinking of You

139 Romance

140 Squash

141 Tear-ific Tape

142 Facebook

143 Flourishes

144 Green Nugget

145 Wishful Thinking

146 Christian

147 Joy

148 Daisy

149 Chocolate

150 Ocean

151 Stencil

152 Blog

153 Whooooo Owls

154 Freedom

155 Sports

156 Romance

157 Fly Away

158 Geisha

159 Shimmer

160 Static Free

161 Dreamweaver

162 Pinterest

163 Snowflake

164 Get Well

165 Pirates

166 Valentine

167 Roses

168 Kimono

169 Fairy Dust

170 Super Thick Gold

171 Paste

172 Challenges

173 Cerise

174 Love

175 Water

176 Music

177 Cosmic

178 Coffee Filter

179 Holly

180 Super Thick White

181 Ornament Glue

182 Blog Hop

183 VersaMark

184 Resist

185 Ocean

186 Medallion

187 Darling

188 Chrysanthemum

189 Golf

190 Bargain Bin

191 Dimensional Glue

192 Reveals

193 Wine

194 Burgundy Glitz

195 Halloween

196 Scenery

197 Dress Form

198 Glitter Fairy

199 Surfing

200 Copic Sketch Marker