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Blog Candy & Classes

Day 4 of our reveal was hinted at yesterday…did you figure out the other two products included on the card??  Well, one of them is our new Design Adhesives!  They are TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!  The work with Glitter, Embossing Powder, Flocking and Sparkle N Soft!  They are strips of designed double adhesive, you just peel off the back, lay it down on your cardstock and rub with your finger, then lift if off and cover with your choice of powders!  You can do all one color, or add some different colors.  Take a look at what Brenda did here, she used embossing powders.

And take a look at DeeDee’s card with glitters.

We have 5 designs now, but hope to add more…so go check them out here.  They are even on sale!!!


Have you checked out the classes online here.  We have a great class coming up next week on Medallions.   Sandy will be teaching this class and the cards are just beautiful…take a peek.

Make sure you sign up soon so you don’t miss this opportunity.

Leave us some sugar in the comments to be in the basket for the Blog Candy Drawing on January 15!!  Stay tuned for more great products tomorrow!!!

Happy Stamping,


24 Responses to Blog Candy & Classes

  • I love the cards they are so beautiful! I am most definitely going to have to try these design strips!

  • Those two cards are supreme! I especially love the butterflies with glitter but maybe that’s because of the color palette. Or amybe it’s just the glitter. I can’t wait to try the design adhesives with Sparkle n Soft. I think that’s going to be a dynamite combination. 🙂
    I’ve really just begun working with the Sparkle n Soft but it is fast becoming a favorite of mine. I really like the idea of the pre-formed design adhesive because my hand isn’t all that steady when drawing with a glue bottle! 🙂

  • Very pretty! These certainly make glittering easy.

  • Oh, my! What beautiful cards you all have done. I am sure the new Design Adhesives will be great for beautiful card making.

  • Oh what beautiful cards. The new design adhesive sounds like something I want to try.

  • Well, I didn’t guess that for one of the new items. So now I have
    something new to try.

  • Today’s cards are fabulous, particularly the butterflies. I absolutely love butterflies & purple. I wondered where the swirl came from, but I couldn’t find it. I really like it. Those medallion cards are gorgeous. I wish I could take the class, but New York to Florida is kind of far to drive for it. I noticed it is even on my birthday.

  • These just keep getting better and better! My daughter will love the butterflies and her daughter will be excited about the hearts……now how do I choose?

  • Wow! All the cards are absolutely gorgeous. Love the purple and lavender combination for the butterfly card. I particularly like the blue medallion card. Do wish I could attend your classes.

  • When I was surfing the products I came upon the design adhesive and didn’t think too much on it…but WoWoWiE I Love Love Love how the butterfly turned out on your card. Will definitely use this in the near future with EP, flock or even glitter – depending on the card.
    Thanks ^_^

  • You are making it very hard to stick to my New Years resolution of not buying more materials until I lose 10 pounds. That adhesice stuff sounds great and will make glitter so much easier.

  • I love all of the cards! My favorites are the one with the butterflies & the Medallions!! I need to look into your class!!

  • These cards are gorgeous…. and I can’t wait to try the design strips!

    Thank you so much for sharing!!!

    okj83 at live dot com

  • Oh, I love these cards. Love the sparkle on the butterflies.

  • I love the new strips. they are very cool. I think I might have to send my mom to your store to pick me up some!

  • beautiful cards! the sparkle is wonderful!

  • My daughter, Kristyn, (see above) and I think alike. I’m so ready to jump in the car and drive to your store to get one of each of these Designer Adhesive strips. Oh, I guess I’ll have to get two of each…lol

  • This is gorgeous! I need to go back and see if you have some videos for these techniques. Sure wish you could have classes here in MD!

  • Beautiful cards! I can’t wait to try the design adhesives. I hope you start making them in lots of different designs.

  • The adhesive looks like it would make working with glitter much easier! Very pretty cards.

  • I love the pretty cards! This adhesive sounds easy and wonderful to use with these products! I am loving seeing all the new products!

  • So very pretty! I hope to give these a try!! Gorgeous colours on the cards!

  • How fun!! What a great product and I love the sample cards.

  • That adhesive sounds like a great product. I’d like to try that. Love the cards.


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